REVIEW: Marie Grunke

Recently I saw the film, Seven Rivers Walking by the NZ filmmakers, Kathleen Gallagher and Gaylene Barnes, as part of the NZIFF in Timaru. The film is about seven Canterbury rivers and the people who live in and around them.

I saw it as a transparent look at the quality of the waters, how that is  affecting the people who live around them and the signs of regeneration that can occur when nature is allowed to be.
The film is also a story of a country on a knife -edge. We have to choose a path that will have life- long consequences,  perhaps even more profound than the nuclear free decision.
The film cut through a cultural limitation I carry, that is, a lack of ‘felt’ awareness of our relationship with the natural world.  It happened as grief moistened my eyes … I felt  a kinship with these rivers, like that of a relative, a Sibling, an Aunt a Great Aunt.
As I left the theatre I carried away with me, an image of the rivers and the soil being the womb of this country, the fertile bearers of life.
Surely our role is to support their restoration rather than to render then infertile.
Marie Grunke
Oamaru, NZ