REVIEW: Julia Tarnawsky, Southern Lights Centre

Seven Rivers Walking – a movie for the Aquarian Age.  

By Julia Tarnawsky

Peter Richardson, Orest my husband, and I attended the World Premiere of this movie in Christchurch at the NZ International Film Festival on 19th August.

It is directed by two Cantabrian film-makers, Kathleen Gallagher and Gaylene Barnes and follows three other environmental movies by Kathleen, one of which I have seen entitled Earth Whisperers.

Made over seven months, it traces the activities and views of local community groups in the Selwyn District as they monitor and maintain the failing river systems of the Canterbury Plains and bring community and government awareness to their plight.

The major issues that I picked up from the movie, associated with the demise of the rivers, are the over- grazing of cows in fragile eco-systems near the headwaters, leading to an excess of nitrogen in the soil and river system; irrigation of pastures which is taxing the river flow and thus endangering the habitat for bird species and the spawning of fish; use of fertilizers and run-off of waste into the rivers creating algal growth and over-sedimentation of the river beds.

In the movie it was the quality of group interaction and dedication and the deep love for the interconnection of all nature which touched my heart. There was an “Aquarian”  feel to the movie, for me evidence that humanity is moving into the Aquarian Age. Aqua is the Latin word for water. The theme of abundant water is reflected in the symbol for Aquarius – a man with a pot of water, and the spiritual keynote for Aquarius – “Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men” 1.

The people who care for the rivers are yearning for the return of the livingness of the river waters. At the highest level of interpretation, as I see it, the Aquarian waters denote an abundant flow of spiritual energy within the human chakra system and abundant, free and sustainable scalar energy for human energy needs, from the vacuum. Yet all of these systems of living flow are somehow interconnected, and mirrored in the interconnectedness of the hearts of those humans caring for the rivers. 2.

The Law of Service which will typify the Aquarian Age is known as “The Law of water and the fishes” and is energised by an out-pouring of energy of devotion vivifying life. “This law is an imposition upon the planetary rhythm of certain energies and impulses which emanate from that sign of the zodiac into which we are steadily moving [Aquarius]”. 3.

Hercules, a mythical Son of God and spiritual initiate, represents the increasingly light-filled soul devoted to service on Earth) was given twelve labours or tests to perform, each for a sign of the zodiac. The Labour of Hercules in the sign of Aquarius is a good illustration of the use of water to cleanse accumulated pollution. 4.

In the story of the Aquarian Labour, Hercules is directed by his Teacher to cleanse the kingdom of King Augeas of ancient evil. The accumulated cattle dung has never been cleared from the royal stables and pastures. Crops were no longer growing and many humans were dying of pestilence. Hercules presented himself to the king and asked for no remuneration for his service. Standing on a nearby river bank Hercules intuitively came to a solution. He would divert the course of two rivers so that they flowed through the king’s stables. Thus the stables were cleaned within a day. He reported his success to the king who saw Hercules’ work as a kind of trickery with ulterior motives, and banished Hercules from his kingdom.

Hercules as an initiate is pledged to do three things:

  1. Serve with a consciousness which is no longer self-centred but universal and helps fellow human beings
  2. Serve in groups in which there is harmonious inter-communication devoted to a particular cause for the welfare of the planet and humanity
  3. Serve through self-sacrifice to do the menial and unappreciated work and so become a life in which the forces of life are directed into cleansing the world.

In the movie Seven Rivers Walking I witnessed groups of people working together in harmony, patiently cleaning algae and sediment from rivers, taking samples, photographing, presenting their research on scientific and statistical information on the river systems to councils, educating the young, planting new vegetation and peacefully demonstrating in rituals to highlight the plight of the rivers. Such work has been going on tirelessly for many years, with little reward to the workers apart from following their vision and conviction that the life of the rivers systems and their habitat must be saved.

The movie Seven Rivers Walking will be screened in various venues around New Zealand. I imagine that the hearts of those who watch it will be ‘seeded’ with a deepening commitment to nurture their own local rivers and keep a watching brief on the welfare of rivers. As New Zealand approaches a general election may the message of this movie also influence their voting.

Julia Tarnawsky, August 22 2017


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Julia and her husband Orest are caretakers and teachers at the Southern Lights Centre. Part of the land is covenanted with the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust, with the re-establishment of native plants and trees . The pristine waters of the Takamatua Creek rise on the land. There are now no farm lands above the property.